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Farmer's Freight Company, located in Coggon, Iowa, helps freight brokers, logistics managers and shippers reliably move freight from shippers to receivers. They pull van trailers, tankers and hoppers throughout Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin. Farmer's Freight is a different kind of trucking company, one focused on efficiency and keeping their drivers in areas they are familiar with and home every night.

Brian, Owner, Operator and Dispatcher at Farmer's Freight Company, was interested in a clean and crisp, monochrome mark. He shared his vision of combining two F's into a cornstalk or including a shield. The end result incorporates his vision and expresses the brand foundation work we did. The Farmer's Freight Company logo uses two F's standing back-to-back forming an abstract cornstalk, representing the ag clients they service. A shield forms a background for the cornstalk, illustrating the safe and successful arrival of shipments. The monochrome color scheme of black and chrome creates a streamlined, crisp feel. The strong, bold san serif font conveys the dependable service offered.

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